Today’s Special Occasion: Presidential Inauguration

It's January 20, and today Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States.  American School does not take any political stances, but presidential inaugurations are always historic.  The site linked above is the official inaugural site.  You can watch a live stream of today's events, follow along with the official program, learn about past inaugurations and even get recipes for the food that will be served at the inaugural luncheon.  The United States has been a country for nearly 241 years, and American School has been in existence for 120 years.  In its history, the United States, after today, has 45 presidents.  By contrast, American School has had only 8.  Of course, term limits have something to do with that disparity, but the longevity of our presidents speaks to our credibility.  Although the types of courses we've offered over the years have evolved from high school correspondence courses to online high school courses to online middle school courses, we've always maintained our platform of offering excellent courses at an affordable cost.  It's how we've remained a great distance education high school for more than a century, and we're only getting better!