Today’s Special Occasion: Tax Day

It's April 15, and today is Tax Day because it is the day on which federal and state taxes are due.  Many people who owe money decide to wait until today to mail their returns, but today's blog is going to talk about how the American School can save you money.  For starters, all study materials are included in the cost of tuition.  Some of our competitors might charge you a regular enrollment fee and then ask you to buy books for your middle school and high school correspondence courses or buy seat time or licenses for your online middle school courses and online high school courses.  With us, those costs are covered in your tuition.  We also offer convenient monthly payment plans for students in full years of our accredited middle school program and accredited high school program.  Simply make a down payment and then chip away at your balance every month.  It's far less taxing than being saddled with the burden of paying for everything up front if you do not have the means to do so.  Even though you may be tired of filling out forms, we invite you to fill out one of our applications and enroll today.  You'll be glad you did!