Today’s Special Occasion: The NATO Summit

It's May 21, and the NATO Summit is wrapping up today in Chicago.  If the American School was still headquartered in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, where we were based for more than 90 years, then our employees may have had difficulty getting to work this morning since many roads around Chicagoland are closed for security reasons.  Fortunately, our offices are in the far south suburbs, and so we're free of any NATO restrictions.  With so many foreign leaders gathering less than an hour from our office, today is a great occasion to say a few words about our students who reside in foreign countries.  You might think that the American School only serves American students or that distance learning doesn't extend great distances into other continents, but that's not the case.  We have many, many students who reside in foreign countries but choose to study with us.  For them, we are grateful.  Within the next couple weeks, we're making it easier than ever for students residing in foreign countries to apply for American School courses.  They will be able to access their own, separate enrollment applications right from this Web site.  Students who wish to earn our diploma will be able to download a printable application or fill out an online enrollment application.  Students who need to make up credits will be able to fill out an online enrollment application.  We hope these additions will benefit students residing in foreign countries and look forward to enrolling hundreds of domestic and foreign students in the weeks to come.