Today’s Special Occasion: Valentine’s Day

It's February 14, Valentine's Day, and love is in the air.  From time to time we survey our students so that we can learn what we are doing well and how we can better serve our students.  On this day, it's appropriate to discuss three things that our students love best about the American School.  Finishing in a virtual dead heat for second place are our course materials and our structure.  Our course materials for paper-based courses include textbooks, study guides and, in some cases, examination booklets.  We do our best to make our course materials as educational and engaging as possible, and our students seem to appreciate our efforts.  When students like our structure, they are referring to the way our educational process works.  Structure includes things like the way our courses are organized, the pattern of doing self-check tests at home and then submitting unit exams to the School, where they are graded by instructors with at least 24 hours of college credit in the subjects they grade, and more.  But far and away the thing our students love best about us is the ability to work at their own pace.  Indeed, that is what sets us apart not only from classroom schools but also from other distance learning schools.  If students want to work quickly through a subject, they can.  If they need more time in a subject, they can do that too.  Enroll today and we'll do our very best to ensure that you love us too!