Update on Online Enrollment Applications

Yesterday morning, after receiving a handful of calls and emails from prospective students and parents and doing several rounds of internal testing ourselves, we discovered that students using any of our online enrollment applications can complete an enrollment application in full without a problem, but when the "submit application" button is pressed, they receive an error message indicating the application is not completed in full even though it is.  We are working to identify the source of the problem and fix it, and we are hopeful that the problem will be fixed by tomorrow.  In the meantime, please know that any time you press the "submit application" button, we receive your application and you're on your way to becoming our student.  You just can't advance to the payment portion of the enrollment process at this time.  Our admissions department receives these applications right after they are submitted and is contacting applicants to receive payment information and get them formally enrolled as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience, and please know how much we look forward to officially having you as our student. 

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