Update on Rosetta Stone Games

Today's blog has an update for students whose online high school courses or online middle school courses include world language courses from Rosetta Stone.  The following is copied from an email sent to us from Rosetta Stone:

As you may know, Adobe Flash will be completely removed from all internet browsers by the end of 2020. Rosetta Stone has been working tirelessly in the last year to update our online solutions so they will not be affected by this change.
While we were able to update most of our solutions to flash-free platforms, the games within our Extended Learning section of Foundations run entirely on Flash and were therefore unable to be updated.
As a result, games will no longer be available after August 14, 2020.
We hope your learners will continue enjoying the stories that will remain available in Extended Learning, along with the new stories for K-12 students which were released earlier this year.
Please contact us if you have questions about your Rosetta Stone courses.  We are happy to help and glad you chose us to be your distance education high school or middle school.