Writing to One Email Address

Today's blog is about writing to one email address when you contact us.  We are grateful that you made us your distance education middle school or distance education high school, and we want to provide you with quick service whenever you ask us for help.  Writing to multiple email addresses, however, can slow down that process because our staff sifts through hundreds of emails a day from students, parents and school officials.  Therefore, when you contact us, we ask that you write to the one email address that you think might best help you solve your problem.  If you do not know which email address to use, writing to the customer relations email address is appropriate.  Those people who check the customer relations account will forward your email to the appropriate department for processing.  We do our best to answer all emails within one business day, but please be aware that sometimes our response times are slightly delayed due to staff availability.  Thank you for understanding and for letting us help you earn a high school diploma at home.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!