Yesterday’s Special Occasion: Administrative Professionals’ Day

Earlier this week we said that we'd do our best to recognize all of the special occasions happening this week even though we may be off a day or two in our blog posts.  Yesterday, when there was no blog, we had Earth Day, which we discussed on Tuesday, and Administrative Professionals' Day, which we'll discuss today.  Often in these blogs we'll mention our instructors, since they are the ones who grade students' exams.  We'll also mention our student service staff, our admissions department, our shipping department, our curriculum writers and editors, and our accounting staff.  Our administrative professionals, however, are just as important to our overall operation and to the success of our students as any other group.  They help keep the office organized and running smoothly so that we can serve you in the most efficient way possible.  Although we're a day late, we thank them for their work and wish them continued success as they serve students all around the world. 

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