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American School knows that flexibility is important in helping you meet your education goals.  That is why we are proud to deliver our courses and administer our exams in a variety of ways. 

We offer accredited high school courses and diploma programs in both online and paper-based formats and offer students in select paper-based courses the option to take their exams online

Before you scroll down for more information on our latest online offerings, read this document or click here to ensure your computer meets the system requirements for taking online courses or online exams in paper-based courses.

**For students in our diploma programs who enrolled before November 1, 2013, full unit online courses cost an additional $190 each, and half units of online courses cost an additional $170 each.  If a student drops the course within 90 days of enrollment, the American School will retain a $50 withdrawal fee plus $5 for each completed module. Please contact our Student Service Department if you wish to add online courses to your curriculum.**

**Students who enrolled after November 1, 2013, may enroll in 2 (two) full or half unit online courses at no additional charge.  Additional full-unit online courses can be purchased for $190 each, and half units of online courses cost $170 each.  Online course withdrawal fees will not apply to these 2 courses.  This policy is effective January 1, 2015.  Please contact our Student Service Department if you wish to add online courses to your curriculum.**

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American School offers online versions of its General High School Program and College Preparatory Program.  Both programs consist of 18 units of credit comprised of required courses and electives from the list of online courses below.  Click here for online diploma program enrollment information.



American School currently offers the courses listed below in an entirely online format.  For full-unit online courses, students have 12 months from the date of their activation to complete the course.  For half-unit online courses, students have 6 months from the date of their activation to complete the course.  Course Study Schedules are available within each course to help students finish the work within the allotted time. 

Click here to view a sample of our online courses.  Enter guest for both the user name and password.

Send an email to if you have technical questions about our online courses.

Business, Career and Technical Education

Accounting 1

Business Communication

Culinary Arts, Introduction to


Fashion and Interior Design

Hospitality and Tourism

International Business

Life Management Skills

Parenting, Real World

Social Media, Introduction to

Thinking and Learning Strategies


Creative Writing 1

English 1

English 2

English 3

English 4


Literature, Gothic

Mythology and Folklore

Public Speaking

Fine Arts

Art 1: World Cultures

Digital Photography

Music Appreciation

Theater, Cinema and Film Production


Algebra 1

Algebra 2



Integrated Math 1

Integrated Math 2

Integrated Math 3

Integrated Math 4





Anatomy and Physiology

Astronomy, Introductory

Biology (non-lab)

Chemistry (non-lab)



Science, Earth

Science, Environmental

Science, Forensic

Science, Physical

Social Science



History, United States

History, World

History of the Holocaust

Personal Psychology



Psychology, Introduction to


World Languages

American School offers 22 World Language courses through Rosetta Stone.  Click the Rosetta Stone link for a list of all our Rosetta Stone course offerings.



Before you decide to take online exams for the paper-based courses listed below, read this document, which contains FAQs and important technical information.  If you wish to take online exams for the paper-based courses below, send an email to Include your full name, student number, and the names of the course(s) in which you would like to take online exams. Your request will be processed quickly and you will receive more information from us shortly thereafter. 

Whether you take your exams online or send in the exams printed in your study guide, you will be tested on the same material from your textbook and study guide. However, the online exams will look somewhat different than those in your study guide.

Please note: Once you have begun to submit your exams online in a course, you may not change back to submitting paper exams in that course. 

Click here to view a sample of our online exams for paper-based courses.  Enter guestpass for the user name and guest1 for the password.  Do not click on the “Login as a Guest” button. That will not provide access to the guest courses.  

Business, Career and Technical Education

Automotive Systems

Automotive: Know Your Car

Business Law

Business, Introduction to

Career, Planning Your


Child Care


Computers, Introduction to

Consumer Economics

Electricity, Fundamentals of

English, Business

Food Study

Home Planning and Decorating

Home Repair and Maintenance


Office Procedures


English, Business

English 1, Understanding

English 1: Composition and Grammar

English 2, Understanding

English 2: Composition and Grammar

English 3: Composition and Grammar

English 4: Composition and Grammar

English, Practical


Literature 1

Literature 2

Literature 3: Selected American Classics

Literature 4: Selected English Classics

Literature, American

Literature, British

Literature, Classic Adventure

Literature, World

Speech: How to Talk More Effectively


Writing 1

Writing 2

Fine Arts



Biology (non-lab)

Chemistry (non-lab)


Physiology and Health

Science, Earth

Science, Environmental

Science, General

Science, Physical

Social Science

Civics, Social (Government)

Geography, World

History, United States

History, World

Psychology for Life Today


United States/Illinois Constitution (for students living in Illinois only)

World Languages

French 1

French 2

Spanish 1