Today’s Birthday: Johnny Carson

It's October 23, and the late Johnny Carson was born on this date in 1925.  He revolutionized late-night television by hosting The Tonight Show for 30 years from 1962-1992.  Today some of his most memorable interviews, monologues and sketches have been compiled into a popluar series of DVDs.  Even though most of our students weren't even born yet when he retired, we're guessing that they would find these clips just as amusing as their parents or grandparents did when they originally aired.  At the beginning of every show, sidekick Ed McMahon would introduce the host by saying "Heeeeere's Johnny!" so today is a good opportunity to say "Heeeeere's what you'll receive after you enroll and become our student".  You'll get accredited high school courses in online or paper-based formats, whichever one is your preferred method of learning.  You can even do online exams in many of our paper-based courses.  You'll get caring student service and assistance whenever you need it.  You'll get low tuition and a monthly payment program.  You'll get credit for courses completed at another accredited high school.  Finally, you'll get the ability to work when and where it's convenient for you.  That means if you want to work during the day, you can, but if you want to work while Johnny Carson's successors are on late-night television you can do that instead.  You don't need to be Carnac the Magnificent to see that American School offers the accredited high school courses you need at a cost you can afford!  Enroll today!  

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Today’s Birthday: Alfred Nobel

It's October 21, and on this date in 1833, Alfred Nobel was born.  He was a Swedish scientist who invented dynamite and held 350 patents, and the wealth he accumulated from his career helped create the Nobel Prizes, which are awarded yearly for outstanding achievement in chemistry, economics, literature, medicine, peace and physics.  American School is proud to offer online and paper-based courses in many of those disciplines.  We can't guarantee you'll win a Nobel Prize, but we can guarantee that you'll learn valuable information and have the support of qualified instructors and friendly staff as you work toward your accredited high school diploma.  Enroll today!

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Today’s Special Occasion: World Teachers’ Day

October 5 is World Teachers' Day, and there's no better occasion to thank them and to tell you a little bit about the instructors who grade our students' exams.  All of them have at least 24 hours of college credit in the subjects they grade.  Many of them have advanced degrees, and many have years of hands-on experience in the subjects they grade.  We ask that our instructors make distance education as personal as possible.  That means they call students by name and write detailed comments on every exam they grade, whether it's a traditional paper exam, an online exam in one of our paper-based courses, or an exam in one of our online courses.  They are also available to assist via phone, email or letter whenever our students need assistance.  Enroll today and experience the benefit of our outstanding instructors as you work toward your accredited high school diploma! 

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Today’s Birthday: Monty Hall

It's August 25, and game show host Monty Hall turns 94 years old today.  He's best known for hosting several incarnations of "Let's Make a Deal," a show on which he offered customers doors, curtains, boxes, billfolds, money market accounts and anything else that could contain a fabulous prize or a not-so-fabulous prize known as a zonk.  At the end of each episode, before he would give away money in quickie deals if people had in their possession random household items such as shoe horns, Monty would invite two contestants to compete for the big deal of the day, which was usually an expensive car or trip.  Believe it or not, there's high-level math and probability involved in picking the door that opens to the big deal.  Check out this link and see if you agree with the mathematician's findings.  We are grateful to have so many students who believe that American School is the best deal both academically and financially for themselves and their families.  Enroll today and we promise you no zonks en route to one of the biggest deals you'll ever win for yourself–your accredited high school diploma!

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Today’s Anniversary: Man Lands on the Moon

It's July 20, and on this date in 1969, man landed on the moon for the very first time.  Today we take space travel for granted.  Just last week a satellite zoomed past Pluto and sent back the most detailed pictures we've ever seen of the dwarf planet, but nearly a half-century ago, just getting to the moon took considerable effort.  Coupled with tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, Americans took special pride as Apollo 11's astronauts completed their mission.  Perhaps your mission is to earn your accredited high school diploma, whether it be from American School or a public or private school near your hometown.  Either way, we can help you since we offer the accredited high school courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Enroll today and get ready to be sent over the moon as you work toward your diploma!

**NOTE: This blog is taking a bit of a summer vacation and will return Monday, July 27.**  

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Today’s Special Occasion: MLB All-Star Game

If you read last Friday's blog entry, you know that the American School Blog celebrated its 9th birthday just four days ago.  The subject of our very first blog entry on July 11, 2006, was the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which was being played that night in Pittsburgh.  Tonight's game is in Cincinnati, and even back when we attended a convention there in April, the Queen City was already abuzz with excitement.  Although we've added many online courses and launched online diploma programs and made other positive changes since our first blog was published, some of the other themes of our first blog entry remain the same.  You can still become an academic all-star after you enroll with us.  That's because we allow students to work entirely at their own pace and provide students with detailed feedback from our qualified instructors.  We can't guarantee that you'll hit it out of the park on every test, but we can guarantee that through hard work and perseverance, one day you will cross home plate with your accredited high school diploma. 


Today’s Anniversary: The Battle of Waterloo

It's June 18, and the famous Battle of Waterloo took place 200 years ago today.  Because the battle marked the end of Napoleon's once-insurmountable power, today the term "waterloo" can refer to anything that causes someone's demise.  Not having a high school diploma should never be your waterloo.  We offer online and paper-based programs if you desire to earn our accredited diploma, and we make individual courses available if you need to recover credit or wish to enhance an existing homeschool program.  Go on the offensive and enroll today! 

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Today’s Special Occasion: The Stanley Cup

It's June 16 and last night the Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup in six years, making many American School employees very happy in the process.  The Stanley Cup is perhaps the most revered trophy in all of sports, in part because the names of each player are engraved on it for posterity.  At American School, we're looking forward to putting your name on something even more important than the Stanley Cup, namely your accredited high school diploma.  We have a wide variety of online and paper-based courses and diploma programs to fill every need.  Enroll today and let us help you achieve your one goal of becoming a high school graduate! 


Today’s Birthday: Edward Elgar

It's June 2, and composer Edward Elgar was born on this date in 1857.  His most famous work, Pomp and Circumstance, is often played at high school graduation ceremonies.  Sometimes people ask us if we have a formal graduation ceremony since approximately 2500 students earn our accredited high school diploma each year.  Because those students are spread out throughout the country and around the world and earn their diplomas at different times of the year, we do not have a formal graduation ceremony.  Rather, we invite graduates to come into our building any time of the year to receive their diplomas in person if that is possible.  If not, we mail their diplomas shortly after all of their courses have been completed.  We are proud to have helped more than three million students earn their high school diplomas, and if you're ready to take the first step toward becoming an American School graduate, we invite you to enroll today.

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Today’s Anniversary: Baby Geese at American School

It's May 13, and on this date in 2008, baby geese hatched in our parking lot.  This was a momentous occasion for those of us who watched the goose and gander take turns sitting on the eggs and keeping watch over the nest for weeks before the goslings arrived.  In the days that followed their births, we watched the baby geese change and grow: shedding their down feathers and developing more permanent ones, learning how to walk (even across four lanes of traffic to a pond across the street) and eventually learning how to fly.  We can only wonder where those geese are now, but in the short time they lived on our property, they reminded us of how we help our students change and grow.  We provide a safe haven for students who have struggled in brick and mortar schools or who have always wished to earn their diplomas from their own homes.  We provide the skills and training necessary to help you improve academically, and after we send you your diploma, we give you your wings and encourage you to fly away and pursue whatever academic or career path you choose.  If you wish to hatch your American School career, we invite you to enroll today!   

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