Testimonial Thursday

It's almost Thursday, and today's testimonial comes from Alexandra of New Jersey.  She writes that "the study guides were a great help when it came to studying for the exam.  I also really liked the instructors’ comments.  They helped a lot.  The textbooks weren’t complicated and I understood them easily.  I’m looking forward to getting more courses."  We thank Alexandra for her kind words.  This time of year, it's important to note Alexandra's first comment.  The study guides we provide for our courses are written and produced by our Curriculum department with the student in mind.  You should read them carefully and do every self-check test.  The self-check tests often preview the type of material and questions that appear on the unit exam.  You can get instant feedback on self-check tests because the answer key is in the back of the study guide.  Use your study guide wisely, and you will have greater success in your American School courses.