Today’s Anniversary: Breaking the Sound Barrier

It's October 14, and on this date in 1947, pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.  Prior to that, no one had ever flown an airplane faster than the speed of sound.  A couple days ago we talked about students working at their own pace, but it's a topic worth revisiting today since so many of our students enjoy that benefit after they enroll and become an American School student.  Once you receive your paper-based course materials, it's entirely up to you how fast or how slow you complete a course.  We've seen students submit all exams in a subject at once and some of them do very well. While sending in all exams in a subject at once is not recommended because you won't get the benefit of feedback from your instructors, there is no penalty for doing so, other than if you partial two exams in a set, the rest will be returned to you ungraded so that you may review and improve them.  Online courses and online exams operate a bit differently but still give students the benefit to work at their own pace.  Whether you want to take your courses at the speed of sound or go a bit slower, we're here to help you as you work toward your accredited high school diploma!

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