Today’s Anniversary: Minnesota

It's May 11, and Minnesota became a state on this date in 1858.  To our knowledge, we've only visited Minnesota for a convention on one occasion.  That was in 2012 for a counselors convention at which we promoted our independent study high school programs, but we hope to return to Minnesota for another event in the near future.  Minnesota is perhaps best-known for its 10,000 lakes and its Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Here at American School, we have twin high school diploma programs.  The first is a general high school program geared for people who plan to attend community college or join the workforce shortly after graduating.  The second is a college preparatory program geared for people who plan to attend a four-year college or university shortly after graduating.  No matter how you choose to earn a high school diploma at home, we have the program for you and would love to serve you.  Get started by enrolling today!