Today’s Anniversary: Oklahoma

It's November 16, and Oklahoma became a state on this date in 1907.  We've attended many conventions in Tulsa and Oklahoma City over the years, and Sooner or later we will return to Oklahoma for another homeschool or counselor convention.  Whenever we visit the Sooner State, we always meet people who enjoy what American School offers.  Parents and students like that we allow students to work at their own pace in accredited online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses or middle school correspondence courses.  Counselors like that we provide all instruction and record-keeping services for students in our independent study high school program who will be earning a diploma from a resident school.  Everyone likes that we are a non-profit institution who charges affordable all-inclusive tuition.  We hope that Sooner or later you will become our student too.  You can do so by enrolling today!