Today’s Birthday: Coach K

It's February 13, and Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski turns 68 years old today.  Recently he became the first men's college basketball coach to win 1000 games, and his resume includes 4 national championships, 11 Final Fours, and 2 Olympic gold medals while coaching the United States' national team.  Coach K's birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell you about the "coaching staff" you'll have at your disposal after you become our student.  Many of you will consider your "head coaches" to be your instructors, all of whom have at least 24 hours of college credit in the subjects they grade.  Many of them have advanced degrees, but all of them write constructive feedback on your exams to help you do your best on future tests.  Just as important as our instructors are people who work in our student service, student accounts, admissions and shipping departments.  They play a vital role in making sure you get enrolled quickly, receive materials promptly, and keep your account in good financial standing.  All of us look forward to having you on our team.  Enroll today!

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