2020 Convention #22: ISCA Conference (Cancelled)

Later this week American School was scheduled to attend the Indiana School Counselors Association Conference in Indianapolis, but like so many others this year, the in-person event was cancelled. Had we attended, we would've brought information about our independent study high school program and accredited middle school program, and we also would've shared how students can earn a print or online high school diploma from American School if they are at risk of dropping out.  This event was to be our final convention of 2020.  We only were able to attend a handful of conventions in person this year.  The rest were cancelled or conducted virtually.  We look forward to being back on the road in spring 2021 or whenever it is safe to do so.

2020 Convention #19: WSCA Conference (Cancelled)

Next week American School was scheduled to exhibit at the Wisconsin School Counselors Assocation Conference in Wisconsin Dells.  Unfortunately but understandably the event was cancelled, and we will make our debut in Wisconsin Dells in 2021.  For years the WSCA Conference was the first convention we attended in a calendar year, but now the convention has shifted to November.  We plan to attend this convention whenever and wherever it is held because we enjoy meeting counselors from our neighbors to the north.  Many of them are interested in our independent study high school program, but others might be interested in our print or online high school diploma program for their at-risk students.  Others might be hearing about our accredited middle school program for the first time.  We look forward to seeing those counselors in 2021 and helping their students whenever they require our services. 

American School Holds 123rd Annual Meeting

Yesterday American School held its 123rd Annual Meeting of Trustees and Corporate Members.  The annual meeting is a time to look back at the challenges and triumphs of the past year and to look ahead to the next year and beyond.  The 2019-2020 fiscal year had its share of challenges, most notably the pandemic and how it affected American School students and staff, but it also had plenty of bright spots for students and staff, most notably how they responded to the pandemic and the challenges it presented and how they plan to move forward during and after the pandemic.  For more than a century, American School has offered a correspondence high school diploma program, and actions at past annual meetings resulted in us offering an online high school diploma program and an accredited middle school program, both of which debuted in recent years.  Now more than ever, students are in need of a strong distance education high school or middle school that will allow them to work at their own pace in a safe environment.  American School is happy to be there for our students, and the ideas discussed at this year's annual meeting will help us be there for our students for many years to come.

Testimonial Thursday

Today's Testimonial Thursday blog entry comes from Whitney from Arkansas, who writes, "Literature IV was good in its study guide’s clarity and diversity of reading materials.  I think that the books selected did a great job of covering different styles and themes.  There was something for any kind of reader.  My course with the American School has been an overall pleasant experience."  We thank Whitney for those words.  Students who take our high school correspondence courses en route to a correspondence high school diploma receive study materials from leading curriculum providers.  The same is true for students who take our online high school courses en route to an online high school diploma.  American School staff reviews curriculum material carefully and chooses the best option for our students.  We believe that our students deserve nothing but the best, and we'd like to offer you the best education too.  Get started by enrolling today! 

Today’s Birthday: Elisha Otis

It's August 3, and inventor Elisha Otis was born on this date in 1811.  The Otis Elevator Company that he founded and which still bears his name makes elevators which take people where they need to go.  In the same way, a print or online high school diploma can take you where you need to go.  Studies have shown that people who earn a high school diploma at home or while attending a resident school make more money over the course of their careers than those who do not have a diploma.  Enrolling in our general high school program or college preparatory program should be your first step in this process.  Our innovative curriculum and affordable all-inclusive tuition will elevate you to new heights.  Get started today!


Update on GradPoint Courses

Today's blog is a reminder that access to GradPoint courses will end no later than July 31.  If you are using GradPoint for your online high school courses or online middle school courses with us, please have those courses completed as quickly as possible.  We will continue to offer online courses through our partnerships with Edmentum and Rosetta Stone.  Students who wish to earn an online high school diploma from us or who wish to complete online courses for middle school credit, credit recovery or personal enrichment may use Edmentum or Rosetta Stone in the future.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We are happy to have you as our student!

Today’s Anniversary: Wisconsin

It's May 29, and Wisconsin became a state on this date in 1848.  Wisconsin is our neighbor to the north, and some of you might be familiar with the friendly rivalry between Illinois and Wisconsin, particularly when it comes to sports matchups such as the Cubs vs. the Brewers in baseball and the Bears vs. the Packers in football.  In reality, American School loves the state of Wisconsin and visits it for a convention at least once a year.  There's nothing cheesy about the fine education services we provide to students in Dairyland and the 49 other states.  We offer a high school independent study program for credit recovery, a print or online high school diploma program for students in grades 9-12, an accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8, and individual courses for anyone who wants to take them for personal enrichment.  We offer all of the above at an affordable cost and with exceptional personalized customer service.  With courses and services like those, there's no reason for us to Badger you about enrolling.  Get started today!

American School Scholarship Application Deadline Approaches

Today's blog has a reminder that the deadline for submitting American School scholarship applications is June 1.  Entries must be postmarked by this date in order to be eligible to receive one of the scholarships we award to those graduates who earned a print or online high school diploma by completing our general high school program or college preparatory program in 2019.  We are looking forward to judging the applications sometime this summer and notifying the winners shortly thereafter.  We've offered scholarships for graduates to continue their education for many years now, and we are happy to do so.  If you are interested in receiving one, the first thing to do is to enroll and plan to earn a high school diploma at home from us.  We would be happy to serve you!

Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and it's been awhile since we've had a testimonial from one of our students, but fortunately Sarah from Missouri shared her thoughts.  She wrote, "I love the American School because it gives me a sense of freedom and responsibility.  It also helps me develop self-discipline which helps shape the person I will become in the future."  We thank Sarah for those words, and we wish to focus on three of them.  The first is freedom.  When you enroll in our print or online high school diploma program, you work at your own pace and in your own learning environment.  The second is responsbility.  While American School staff is available to help you, ultimately you are responsible for doing your online high school courses or high school correspondence courses.  The third is self-discipline, which combines freedom and responsibility.  After you enroll, you will have great freedom to work at your own pace, but you will need to take responsibility for keeping yourself on track to earn a high school diploma at home.  We believe our students are up to that challenge, and we are happy to serve them.     


BBB Educational Foundation College Scholarship Video Contest

The 2020 Better Business Bureau Educational Foundation College Scholarship Video Contest is accepting entries through June 12.  Click here for all necessary information, including eligibility requirements.  As you know, we try to make information about college scholarships available to students in our college preparatory program.  They earn a print or online high school diploma by taking high school correspondence courses or online high school courses with us.  American School has our own scholarship program too, and eligible applicants who received information have until the end of May to submit their applications.  We value learning not just at the middle school and high school levels but before and after too, which is why we are happy to promote college scholarships whenever we can.