American School Trustees Hold Quarterly Meeting

Earlier this week the American School Board of Trustees held their quarterly meeting.  Longtime blog readers might recall that we have a big annual meeting every October during which we review the past year's accomplishments and plan for the future so that we can be an even better distance education high school and middle school.  The Board of Trustees also typically meets in the spring in conjunction with our scholarship meeting, but in recent years the board has decided to take a more active role and hold meetings in the winter and summer as well.  We are grateful that the current members of the Board of Trustees have helped us through several new initiatives.  These include the launch of our accredited middle school program and the upcoming restructuring of our accredited high school program that will give students more flexibility and greater opportunities to learn skills that will benefit them in college or the workforce.  All of us work hard to ensure that our students attend the best school we can offer, and every decision we make is with the best interests of our students at heart.  Become our student and enroll today!