As a not-for-profit institution, American School puts students’ educations first. Our tuition is affordable—much lower than many other distance education and online high schools—and all textbooks and study materials are included at no additional cost.  Our 4-year, 18-unit paper-based diploma program costs $2250, while our 4-year, 18-unit online diploma program is comprised of a series of 1-year contracts for 4 1/2 units of credit at a cost of $900 per year, or 18 units of credit at a total cost of $3600.  Our 3-year, 15-unit middle school program costs $2700.  All full-year or full diploma programs have flexible payment schedules starting at $100 per month, which makes tuition even more affordable, and there are no interest charges, no charge for pre-evaluation of transcripts, and very few extra fees along the way.  American School also is proud to offer lower tuition for General High School or College Preparatory Program students who pay in full at the time of enrollment.  Individual courses purchased through our Independent Study Program or taken for enrichment typically cost between $150 and $300.