8th grade (5 units of credit)

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You are enrolling in a 8th grade program consisting of 5 units of credit.

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You are enrolling in a 8th grade program consisting of 5 units of credit.

Compulsory School Attendance: It is the responsibility of the student/parent(s)/guardian(s) to meet the compulsory school attendance requirements of the student’s home state and comply with the legal requirements of the student’s home state’s homeschool laws.

Illinois Residents: Per 325 ILCS 50/Missing Children Records Act and 325 ILCS 55/Missing Children Registration Law, all students residing in Illinois are required to submit a birth certificate in order to enroll.

Accreditation: American School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and Accreditation International (Ai), and is recognized as a non-public school by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

The cost of tuition includes all study materials, grading services, access to the Online Student Center, and postage to U.S. locations.

With your standard down payment of $200.00, you will receive one print-based course and/or access to all online courses. Print-based courses will be sent based on payment schedule. For example, the second course will be sent when the second payment is received, the third course will be sent when the third payment is received, etc. Based on the payment schedule, a student will have access to all courses by the sixth month of enrollment. All book shipments will be made to United States shipping addresses only. No packages will be sent to addresses outside the United States. Special mail services are provided at an additional charge.

If a monthly installment plan is selected, all payments must be made when due regardless of the student’s study progress. If the account becomes delinquent 60 or more days, access to services will be denied. The enrollment period continues to elapse during periods of suspensions and delinquencies. Tuition and other fees must be paid in full before a transcript of credit is released. The total balance must be paid in full before additional courses can be added to the student’s enrollment. This contract will cease to be in effect one year from the original date of acceptance, and no requests for refunds will be considered thereafter.

Students are expected to complete at least five (5) units of credit per year. Students must complete all courses within one (1) year (12 months) of the enrollment date. Students may begin the next year of the enrollment contract when all exams have been submitted or completed.

I understand that the monthly payment selected above must be paid every 30 days until the balance is fully paid. No interest/finance charges are included; therefore, the annual percentage rate is 0%. American School CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CURRENCY SENT BY MAIL. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN U.S. FUNDS ONLY. THIS AGREEMENT BECOMES A LEGALLY BINDING INSTRUMENT WHEN SIGNED BY THE STUDENT/ GUARANTOR AND ACCEPTED BY AMERICAN SCHOOL AT 2200 EAST 170TH STREET, LANSING, ILLINOIS 60438.



We believe you will be pleased with your American School studies; however, should you decide within the first 30 days after your enrollment is accepted that you wish to discontinue your studies, you must:

  • Notify American School in writing that you wish to cancel.
  • We will retain a $100.00 processing fee and refund all other monies paid.
  • For any paper-based course, all study materials must be returned in a new, unused condition before any refund is issued. No refund will be issued if any exams have been submitted for grading.
  • For any online course, no refund will be issued if any assignments have been submitted.

Enrollments may not be transferred from one student to another.



In pursuing your studies with American School, you are expected to follow the honor system. Under the honor system, it is permissible to benefit from the exchange of ideas with other students, friends or family members. Although you may study with others, any work on the exams is expected to be of your own thoughts and ideas. Your exams must show what you have learned. You may not represent someone else’s w