Planning Your Career

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Planning Your Career is designed to help individuals to make decisions about their career now and in
the years to come. It begins with helping students explore how their interests, abilities, values and
personality relate to choosing a career and ends with practical advice on how to get a job. Topics such
as sources of career information, training and educational options, financial aid for going to college or
vocational school and many more are covered.

As part of this course students complete objective questions which test their knowledge of the
concepts and factual information to which they have been introduced, and then they apply this
knowledge to their own situation by, among other things, analyzing their interests, abilities and
values; identifying occupational clusters which contain jobs which interest them; and completing a
sample job application form.

There are 5 exams in Planning Your Career.  Online Exams are available.

Allen, Planning Your Career, American School.

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