Remembering Pearl Harbor

It's December 7, and today is the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor that propelled the United States into World War 2.  Special events are planned throughout the day in Hawaii, and we encourage you to click the link in this blog and read about them.  Two decades ago, the person who regularly writes this blog visited the USS Arizona Memorial, and it was a very moving experience.  It's not uncommon to see Pearl Harbor survivors on site sharing their memories of that horrific day.  Many of the soldiers who were at Pearl Harbor that day weren't much older than students who currently are taking high school correspondence courses or online high school courses with us.  Everyone who visits Pearl Harbor is grateful for their presence and service to our country, and today we remember them and the thousands of people who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.  They are among the reasons why we are proud to include the word "American" in our name.