Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone logoAmerican School is pleased to partner with Rosetta Stone to offer the online world language courses listed at the bottom of this page. 

Rosetta Stone is a powerful learning tool that provides students with an immersive, interactive and engaging language-learning experience.  Utilizing a variety of immersion techniques and administrative features, the software accelerates language learning and provides quantifiable measurements of success.  Key features include advanced speech recognition technology, speech analysis tools, predefined courses templates, grammar and spelling components and a milestone feature which simulates real-life situations in which to practice the language.  The immersion environment puts students' native language-learning skills to work, eliminating their dependence on translation and memorization.  Images, intuition, interactivity and instruction are hallmarks of the immersion learning environment. 

Rosetta Stone presents language courses in several levels. For most languages, Level 1 and Level 2 would be equivalent to the first year (one unit of credit) in a classroom or paper-based language course.  Level 3 and Level 4 would be equivalent to the second year (one unit of credit) and Level 5 would be equivalent to the first semester of the third year (one-half unit of credit).  Rosetta Stone estimates it will take about 40–50 hours to complete the content in each level.  Therefore it may take 80-100 hours to complete the content required to earn one unit of credit.  Keep in mind, though, that each learner is different.  Students have access to a variety of activities to practice and refine their skills.  Some will work on their courses on a daily basis, while others will log in and work on their activities less frequently.  The more each student uses Rosetta Stone, the more quickly he or she will learn a language and the more quickly he or she will earn credit toward an accredited high school diploma.

Millions of learners around the world have discovered a language with the Rosetta Stone solution—from individuals to corporate clients such as NASA, the U.S. State Department and more than 10,000 schools.  Now it is your turn.  Click here for a video tutorial about Rosetta Stone.

If you are a current American School student and wish to add Rosetta Stone courses to your curriculum, contact the Student Service Department using the contact information in the Online Student Center. 

If you are an Independent Study student or are taking Rosetta Stone courses to enrich an existing homeschool program, full unit Rosetta Stone courses cost $300 each and half units of Rosetta Stone courses cost $250 each. 

If you are not yet an American School student, click here to begin the enrollment process, but before you enroll, click here to review Rosetta Stone's system requirements and click the links below for more information on specific courses offered in each world language. 


Chinese (Mandarin)


English as a Second Language

Filipino (Tagalog)










Persian (Farsi)