American School To Attend Southeast Homeschool Expo Near Atlanta

Yesterday we told you about one of our conventions next week, namely the THSC Convention in The Woodlands, Texas.  Today we're telling you about our other convention next week, namely the Southeast Homeschool Expo near Atlanta.  Visit us in booth 902 at the Cobb Galleria Centre northwest of downtown to learn more about our online and paper-based courses and diploma programs.  We'll be in booth 902 from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. on Friday, July 24, and from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, as well as out and about in the days prior to the show.  See us and pick up enrollment applications and packets as well as some promotional items.  We look forward to seeing you in Texas and Georgia next week!

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National Spelling Bee Held Near Washington, D.C.

Earlier this week we said this blog would be buzzing with bees, and today's entry is another example.  The National Spelling Bee is being held in National Harbor, Maryland, all week long, and the competition will draw to a close today with semifinals this afternoon and a live broadcast of the finals tonight on ESPN.  If you watch the bee, you'll probably be amazed at how well students spell such complicated and unfamiliar words, but if you watch and listen closely, you'll see and hear them ask for the word's language of origin, its part of speech and how it is used in a sentence, all of which can be help them spell the word correctly.  We teach those techniques and more in our Spelling course, and while we can't guarantee that you'll become a champion speller, we can guarantee that you'll become a better speller and "bee" one step closer to earning your accredited high school diploma.


Today’s Anniversary: The Three Little Pigs

It's May 27, and on this date in 1933, Walt Disney premiered a short film version of The Three Little Pigs.  It would go on to win the Oscar for best animated short film and be ranked as the 11th-greatest cartoon of all time in a 1994 survey of animation experts.  You may not think there are many correlations between this childhood tale and American School, but there are more than you think.  American School offers accredited high school courses which can provide a solid foundation of "brick" for your future, whether you plan to go to college or join the workforce after you earn your diploma.  Other schools which are not accredited may promise you a diploma quickly, but in reality all they are offering are "straw" and "sticks" which won't provide you the security you need or be of much use to you after you complete high school.  Visit our enrollment page if you are ready to start building today.  Our friendly staff, which doesn't have a Big Bad Wolf among it, looks forward to having you as our student!

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Today’s Special Occasion: Cinco de Mayo

It's May 5, and many people are celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  One way you can celebrate is by adding one of our Spanish courses to your curriculum.  We have paper-based versions of Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 and even more online Spanish courses thanks to our partnership with Rosetta Stone.  Any of them will improve your Spanish language skills, teach you a little bit about Spanish and Mexican culture, and get you one step closer to your accredited high school diploma. 

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Today’s Special Occasion: National Arbor Day

It's April 24, and we're wrapping up our week of special occasions with National Arbor Day, which is annually celebrated on the last Friday in April.  After you take this quiz to determine what kind of tree you are, you may be in the mood to take exams that count for credit toward your accredited high school diploma.  If you like drawing trees and other outdoor scenes, why not take our Drawing Landscapes course?  Upon finishing it, you'll have a greater appreciation for trees, improved drawing skills, and another half unit of credit toward your diploma!

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Today’s Birthday: Gutzon Borglum

It's March 25, and Gutzon Borglum was born on this date in 1867.  If you're wondering who Gutzon Borglum is, you're probably not alone, but by reading this blog, you're going to find out.  Although not a household name by any means, Borglum created one of the most famous sculptures in the world, Mount Rushmore.  The site itself is beginning a 90th anniversary celebration today, but Borglum didn't begin to carve there until a few years later.  The process wasn't without its share of struggles. He failed in his first attempt to carve a likeness of Thomas Jefferson into stone, and dynamite had to be used to help create the figure of George Washington.  Finally he completed work on those two heads and added Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to the quartet which has become one of the most familiar symbols of our country.  You can learn more about those four presidents and more by taking our online or paper-based United States History course and learn more about Mount Rushmore itself by visiting its official site