This Weekend’s Special Occasion: College Graduation

This weekend many colleges and universities around the country will be holding commencement ceremonies, and so today is a good time to remind you of some things we offer to help prepare you for college.  We recommend Method Test Prep if you need extra help in preparing for your college entrance exam.  More information may be found on our ACT-SAT Prep page.  As you begin to think about where you want to attend college and eventually begin applying to different universities, remember that our school counselor can answer any questions you have about the college admissions process, including the financial aid process.  Guidance Department contact information may be found in the Online Student Center.  Finally, we are happy to award post-secondary scholarships to 18 deserving graduates each year.  We'll be determining this year's winners soon, and you'll read about them and their future plans in a future blog and All American newsletter.

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