Today’s Birthday: Alexander Hamilton

It's January 11, and Alexander Hamilton was born on this date in 1753 or 1755.  Historians aren't really sure of his exact year of birth, but you've undoubtedly heard about the hit musical based on his life.  If you're a regular blog reader, you know that we advocate visiting historic sites such as presidential libraries or museums, but the musical is an example of how you can learn about history in any number of ways.  History doesn't have to be something you only learn a high school correspondence class or in online high school courses or online middle school courses.  You can learn history by experiencing different things, even an afternoon or evening at a theater.  If you're down on your luck and haven't had much success in school, remember that Alexander Hamilton often learned independently and he became a legendary statesman.  Do not throw away your shot to become someone great.  Enroll with us today and let us help you earn a high school diploma at home!