Today’s Birthday: Franklin D. Roosevelt

It's January 30, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on this date in 1882.  He was the 32nd President of the United States and is considered one of the greats because of his New Deal program that helped the United States work its way out of the Great Depression.  We're about to give our students a new deal when we introduce updated enrollment applications and prices in the near future.  We plan to have a simplified pricing structure and offer more opportunities for students to learn in the ways that are comfortable to them.  More details will be forthcoming.  We can ensure you that our new deal will be a fair deal.  All study materials in print or online middle school courses and print or online high school courses will be included in the cost of tuition.  Monthly payment plans for full year programs will still be available.  We are happy to be a leading distance education high school and middle school and look forward to sharing the new applications and pricing structure with you as soon as possible.