Today’s Birthday: George Washington

It's February 22, and George Washington, the first President of the United States, was born on this date in 1732.  His birthday is a good occasion to say a few words about the first President of the American School, a man named R.T. Miller.  He and some of his colleagues at Harvard and MIT had a vision.   They wanted to make courses available to people who otherwise might not be able to take them.  R.T. Miller and his friends founded the American School in 1897, and a couple years later, the School moved to Chicagoland, where we've been headquartered for more than a century.  Unlike George Washington, who set a precedent by being President of the United States for just two terms, R.T. Miller served as President of the American School for 48 years until 1945.  His vision has helped more than three million students earn their accredited high school diplomas, and, if you enroll today, you can be next!