Today’s Special Occasion: Mardi Gras

It's the day before Ash Wednesday, known by some as Fat Tuesday and by others as Mardi Gras.  Around here, many of us eat paczki on the last day before Lent.  Paczki are donuts filled with fruit or cheese or bavarian cream, and they help put the "fat" into Fat Tuesday.  One American School employee who eats paczki all Lent long could probably benefit from American School's accredited online high school courses and high school correspondence courses that are related to food.  There's an online Introduction to Culinary Arts course that contains information on food preparation and current food trends.  A paper-based Food Study course contains plenty of information on good nutrition which more than likely doesn't include eating paczki.  If you want to earn a high school diploma at home or simply want to take one of those food courses as part of an independent study high school, we invite you to enroll today and you can fatten up on accredited high school courses rather than paczki!

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