Today’s Special Occasion: The MLB All-Star Game

It's July 10, and tonight the 83rd Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be played in Kansas City, Missouri.  The MLB All-Star Game is special to the American School Blog because it was the subject of the very first American School Blog back in 2006.  We'll reminisce more about that tomorrow since July 11 is the Blog's birthday, but as for tonight's game, you'll see players from every team, spanning the nation from Seattle in the Northwest to Tampa Bay and Miami in the Southeast and even into Canada.  Similarly, the American School welcomes students from all 50 states and around the world.  The players you'll see tonight are All-Stars, and you can be an All-Star yourself because the American School sets you up to succeed.  You work entirely at your own pace, so if you need more time on a subject, you can take more time and put forth your very best effort.  If you're taking a subject that's more to your liking, you can finish the course quicker than you would in a traditional school.  In a future edition of the All American newsletter, we'll introduce you to some true American School All-Stars.  They are the 18 graduates who received this year's scholarships.  One of them even scored a perfect 800 on a portion of the SAT.  We look forward to introducing you to them soon!